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Friday, January 27, 2006

Lazy Birder

A very fantastic sighting of about 20 Regent Honeyeaters in Capertee Valley, 09 April 2006

My dedicated blog to the Nordmann's Greenshank

Blue-banded Kingfisher (Male) - Ampang Forest Reserve, Selangor, Malaysia, 02 Jan 2006

Ampang Forest Reserve (Blue-banded Kingfisher) - updated 30 Jan 2006

Some dispute on the subspecies of Blue-banded Kingfisher

Photo taken during Xmas-NY trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2005-6. Gold-whiskered Barbet is a very typical forest bird in Sundaic region. The bird has become very tame after having a big feast of fig.
I enjoy birdwatching and often try to do some bird photography. It is not just a hobby, past-time but hopefully some of my observations will help generate more conservation awareness as well as some contributions to birdlife studies.

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Narcissus (Green-backed) Flycatcher in Malaysia
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