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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tahiti Trip 2007 - Day 6 - Tue 07 Aug 2007 Rangiroa - Papeete

The sea was still rough for the whole day and it was a good choice that we had done all the necessary boat trip the day before. It also rained intermittedly at noon as well as in the afternoon. I had purposely booked a late 430pm flight back to Tahiti because I had earlier planned for a full two days on Rangiroa in case the weather was not condusive for boat riding.
The rest of the day was relaxing and we visited a black pearl farm nearby. Also visited the local post office to send a very meaningful postcard to my parents with the stamp of Polynesian Ground-dove affixed - proving that I had seen the bird from the island I was sending the postcard from.

Rangiroa Airport
It was a very memorable trip to Rangiroa birdwatchigwise as well as travelling wise. Norbert and his wife as well as their two cute sons accompanied us to the airport. I would highly recommend Norbert's family run bungalow for any visitors to Rangiroa atoll. Norbert speaks good English and was very helpful. They have two bungalows where the bigger one is suitable for bigger family with self catering facilities. See his web to know better what a ‘pension’ look like. (

Goodbye Rangiroa!!!

The flight home was slightly delayed because of a brief heavy down pour right after the plane had landed. It was very cloudy on way home so there was no need to grab a strategic window seat. By the time we arrived at Tahiti airport, there was a small chaos of baggage retrival where the carousal was stopped every now and then.Considering ourself as familiarised travellers after spending several days in French Polynesia, we had decided to take a bus to the town at 7pm. It was still a bit tricky to get to the bus stop, however with moderate luggage we were able to walk up the steps through the car park and crossed two roads before stopping a bus. All buses (as well as 'Le truck') going to the left (east) direction head to the city. Had dinner at our favourite caravan park "Les Roulottes" at the town centre and then crossed the street to a taxi stand to go back to Radisson Hotel.